How Much You Should Spend on a Motherboard

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If you’re going to build yourself a good gaming PC, the process is surely going to be a great one. However, the to make the end result great as well, you’ll have to invest in good PC components as well. For example, the CPU and graphics card of your computer are two important things which literally decide its performance. So, if you want to get the most out of your computer, you should set a good budget for these two computer components.

But what about motherboard? How much should you stand on it? Well, let’s take a look at the things you’ll need to consider to buy a decent motherboard for your computer.

Keep Everything in Balance

The motherboard in your computer doesn’t show any direct performance numbers on the screen, and this is the main reason why ma other board manufacturers exaggerate useless features, and trick you into overspending on your motherboard.

While other components like CPU and GPU can easily be compared, you can compare different motherboards directly. This coupled with the fact that there are motherboards ranging between $60 and $1000 in the market makes the whole process very difficult.

You should check if the CPU and GPU you’re looking to use would be supported by your motherboard, and whether you have enough room for future upgrades or not.

Have Enough Ram Slots

Some motherboards come with 2 RAM slots, and some come with 4 of them. This can influence the total amount of RAM you can install in your computer.

So, if you’re going to use only 2 RAM slots, but would like to leave room for future upgrades, you should definitely buy a motherboard with 4 RAM slots.

These were some of the most important factors to consider when setting a budget for your motherboard.

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