How to Sell My Number Plate With DVLA

put a private number plate on a car

We often tend to assume that certain objects are entirely bereft of real world value, but suffice it to say that these assumptions are almost always predicated on beliefs rather than facts. The world has been changing incredibly rapidly after the Age of Enlightenment that occurred starting in the 17th century, and this means that we have entered an era wherein reason takes precedence above everything else no matter how strong your beliefs are. Hence, when you are trying to ascertain the value of anything whatsoever, it can be useful to think with a clear head that is devoid of distractions and assumptions.

Things like DVLA registration plate might seem to be absolutely useless, but you’d be surprised at just how valuable certain number plates can end up being. A Sheikh in the United Arab Emirates recently bought a number plate for a whopping seven million and two hundred thousand dollars simply due to the reason that it had a license plate number of 1 with no other numerals alongside it. While it is exceedingly unlikely that you’d have a license plate with the number one on it yourself, if your plate has simpler numerical sequences you can get a pretty healthy sum in exchange for it.

The DVLA is the best place to go to in order to sell your number plate, but we would strongly recommend that you get it valuated by a private third party. This can give you a proper estimate of the true worth of your number plate which is useful because the DVLA and really any government entity is notorious for trying to give you less money than you are truly owed.

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